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What's the difference between REGULAR Cotton and ORGANIC COTTON Bras?

Oksana Mazourik launches an Organic Cotton Bra with the SANKOM Patented technology on the UK Shopping Channel TJC. Organic Cotton has many benefits; it’s great for your skin and good for the environment. Unlike “regular” cotton, “organic” cotton does not use any insecticides or pesticides. This is very important because often insecticides and pesticides get trapped in the yarn and lead to skin irritations and rashes. Yet, only 1% of all cotton worldwide is manufactured organically. Being hypoallergenic is not the only thing that makes this bra so unique, this bra also uses the famous SANKOM Patented technology – which is guaranteed to give you better posture, a wirefree lift and comfort! Visit to learn more about the benefits of organic cotton and how you can get your organic cotton bra today!

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