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It's Time Bras Got REINVENTED!

It was time that Bras were reinvented! Why? For starters 80% of women wear wrong fitting bras. Regular bras either dig in all the wrong places, don’t give support or have uncomfortable underwires - BUT that’s not even the biggest problem with regular bras, most bras contribute to poor posture! And poor posture is not just an aesthetic problem - it’s a serious health concern because it has been linked to headaches, neck pain, migraines and much more!

SANKOM CEO and Co-founder, Oksana Mazourik made it her mission to create a bra that no longer requires for us to choose between health and beauty! Together with her father, whose a Medical Doctor, Oksana spent the last 5 years studying the ergonomic structure of the female anatomy to create a bra that not only gives you better posture, but also moves with your body AND one that still gives you great cleavage!

Over 2000+ women of all sizes from sizes of XS- XXXL tried the all the SANKOM Bra prototypes and with their help the SANKOM Bra was born! The SANKOM Bra is the first bra in the world that has a patented technology woven into the bra that uses the natural weight of your breasts to give you better posture, comfort and a wirefree lift! This New invention is essentially made out of a two piece structure that bring your shoulders back, using the natural weight of your breasts and thereby restoring your center of gravity.

But that’s not all! The unique Patented structure of the SANKOM Bra also supports each breast individually – which helps to accommodate any asymmetry. Each cup is designed with a 4-way stretch that molds to your breast size, thereby providing great coverage for both larger breasts and small breast sizes.

The SANKOM Bra is the only bra you will ever need because it is designed to move with your body’s anatomy:

  • A Patented Technology to give you BETTER POSTURE

  • It gives a wire-free push up effect

  • It has wide supportive straps that don’t dig in

  • A supportive waistband

  • No hooks and clasps

  • And its made from the highest quality materials!

Millions of women have tried and loved the SANKOM Bra and now you can too! The Reinvention of the Bra has finally come! To learn more visit

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