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Yoga Tips for Reducing Stress and Better Posture!

Have you been hearing more about Yoga lately? That’s because yoga exercise has many great health benefits; it helps clear the mind, build muscles, improve flexibility, lose weight and get better posture! It has helped health gurus all around the world stay in shape for years.

According to a recent study conducted by Harvard University a regular yoga practice has shown to reduce anxiety and stress. During yoga your connective tissue, facia, is stretched which helps to alleviate everyday tension. Breathing is another essential element in achieving the mental benefits associated with yoga. Yoga is an excellent way to get a better posture and to strengthen your muscles. It is essential to remember to focus on the alignment in your practice as all of our bodies are individual and flexibility will vary.

The SANKOM Yoga Pants is a great tool to help you with your body balance and posture.

The SANKOM Yoga pants have an anatomical patented technology incorporated into the material which helps to restore the center of gravity and to give you freedom of movement and flexibility. SANKOM Yoga Pants are available in a variety of colors from and come in sizes from XS- XXL. Use the promotional discount “ILoveSANKOM2” and grab a pair of SANKOM shaper from their Yoga Line with a 10% discount, follow Oksana’s tips and get into the best shape of your life.

It’s time to get in the best shape of your life! For more yoga and health tips follow me on Instagram @Oksana_Mazourik.

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