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Oksana has presented on 20+ channels worldwide and a cumulative TV audience reaching over 800 million homes worldwide. 

Discover the story that inspired the inventions

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Oksana has always loved working with television, whether it was for presenting new products or directing, it combines Oksana's strong passion of creating and making things come to life. Oksana holds multiple international patents which have sold millions of units worldwide. This passion and dedication for creation goes further into new product development, business optimization and strategic sustainable business expansion. Get in touch with Oksana to discuss collaboration opportunities.


Oksana has worked with Shopping Channels worldwide from TF1, HSE24, Mango TV and to many more. Oksana has also been featured on FOX, ABC and NBC affiliates. 


Oksana has directed Award-winning commercials that have aired in 50+ countries worldwide and generated millions of dollars in sales.


Oksana has worked as Vice-President and then CEO for SANKOM for 8 years during which she grew the business to a multinational level. Oksana has a very extensive experience in scaling a business, including; developing and implementing an international brand strategy, optimizing production/delivery processes, expanding distribution as well as setting up flagship store distribution and third-party retail distribution. 


Oksana worked as the Creative Director for SANKOM for 12 years developing garments which have both medical benefits and esthetical features to create an ultimate freedom of movement while supporting the body. Oksana then went on further to create the luxury fashion brand, Ana Azur, which has been seen on the Miss Switzerland beauty pageants and Top Model Switzerland.  


Oksana has always been excited to start working so she didn't waste any time to complete her double Bachelor degree in Finance and Media by the age of 19. Oksana then went further to extend her executive education in Harvard University. After which she then processed to do an MBA in Management and with her Thesis specializing in Online Retailing of Luxury Brands. Oksana is fluent in English, French, Russian and German. 


Yoga has been a passion of Oksana's for many years which as led her to further strengthening her practice by getting the Yoga Alliance Teacher certification for Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. Since then Oksana has developed a series of yoga and stretching programs: For a Stronger and Healthier Body and Mind! The programs also incorporate meditation and mindfulness which are skills that are essential for today's fast-paced work environment.


Oksana holds the following invention, utility and design patents:  PCTCN2011080513, PCTCN2012082595 and PCTCN2012086384, CN104066348A, EP2931071A1, US9265288,  US20140162531, WO2014089762A1


Best Consumer Oriented Product Video - Directed and Produced

Best Selling Author Collaboration with Brian Tracy for the "Winning Way":

#3 best-seller status on on date of release

#8 in the “Direct Marketing” category

#12 in the “Marketing For Small Business” category

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