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Award-Winning Inventions

 and what inspired the creation of these products


THE BRA REINVENTED: the first in the world anatomically designed bra to give better posture and a wire-free support 

The original idea behind the “bra re-invented” was to create a bra that was suitable for all occasions, like a 10-in-1 (functions) bra. So you can wear it to work, at home, at the gym, outdoors, going out, basically anywhere and everywhere. I made a list of all the functions I wanted this “miracle bra” to accomplish, it should have; a push-up, be comfortable, wire-free, made with hypoallergenic material, smooth invisible shape, comfortable straps, anti-bacterial yarns, second-skin feel and breathable. But what stood out the most is I wanted to create a bra that was most importantly good for your posture.

In my research, a reoccurring theme that was popping up was that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size and how bras are contributing to poor posture. Once I had written down on paper all the functions I wanted this 10-in-1 bra to accomplish then we sat down with my father to brainstorm of how we can actually go about to create this bra.


The conclusion was surprisingly straight forward;  the “modern” bra design is based of an invention that was created over 100 years ago… and a lot has changed since… so if we wanted to create a bra that was anatomically good for our bodies it would require starting from zero and to reinvent the bra as we know it….

Together with the help of over 2000 women (of all heights, weights and bra sizes) who tried on all of our bra samples we were able to finally create a prototype that worked. This prototype was unlike regular bras, it was composed of 2 independent structures that support each breast independently. The material was woven using a knit structure that moves with your body. Because of its unique anatomical construction this bra (also known as the SANKOM bra) became the first in the world uses the natural weight of the breasts to straighten the back and give you instantly better posture and a wire-free push-up all at the same time.

bra for Oksana-3 art.jpg

This invention was revolutionary in the bra industry. It was awarded multiple USA, Europe and Chinese Utility patents. The SANKOM bra even won the “best consumer-oriented” product award of the year. I feel so honored in that to this date that millions of women have put their trust in trying this new bra invention. And what is even more humbling is that many have converted to only wearing the SANKOM bra and now you too can experience a level of comfort like no bra has ever given before.


Another one of Oksana’s inventions is a patented compression sock which has a gradual step-by-step compression mechanism that gives you instantly lighter legs.  This invention is Clinically proven to improve blood circulation and is guaranteed to reduce leg pain; making it ideal for anyone affected by varicose veins, swollen feet and heavy legs. The SANKOM Compression socks will give you instantly improved circulation.

When working on this new invention Oksana wanted to create a sock that addresses all leg problems because often when we have one issue there are also others. So in designing this sock patent, Oksana added some additional great features to help address any discomfort in the leg area. It includes an integrated arch and ankle support: to give the body a good equilibrium and help restore the balance of high arched(and flat feet). It has a spacious shock absorption heel to help with knee pain.


Oksana Mazourik Award

This Swiss sock invention also has a spacious toe area which makes it suitable for diabetics. And is made from a breathable and its your compression socks on steroids!


The science behind the SANKOM compression socks is that they have a patented mechanism woven into the socks themselves that actives the blood flow, simply by pulling at the top of the sock. So whenever your legs start to feel tiered, give the socks a light pull and this will immediately stimulate blood circulation. This invention is revolutionary in the compression sock industry because of the way they are worn. Regular compression socks need to be put on in the morning before getting out of bed (while the blood is equally spread out across the body) or after lifting your legs above-heart level for a minimum of 5 minutes (in order to reduce the blood stagnation in the legs because otherwise you would be compressing stagnated blood which can be harmful if not worn correctly. Whereas, the SANKOM socks are much easier and more practical to wear due to the patented step-by-step compression mechanism; that instantly reactivates blood circulation.

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