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Inventions for Women that Will Instantly Improve Your Quality of Life

Inventions are usually recognized as hyper-technical innovations, related to advanced science that will change the lives of millions of people. However, there are some simple inventions that have had more of an impact in comparison to the well-known technology-based solutions.

Modern medicine and technology are mostly geared towards large-scale advancements. But it is the subtle inventions that ease our daily lives and have had more of an impact. There is a myriad of beneficial components that have made the lives of women far easier in a modern day stressful environment. A prime example of these inventions includes the latest SANKOM range that has pinpointed some of the issues that decrease our quality of life on a daily basis and create solutions for these problems.

SANKOM has made strides towards eradicating the little-known issues that affect the personal and professional lives of millions of females in modern society, making daily living easier and all the more comfortable. Behind all these inventions is one person, who set out to deliberately make the daily activities of women more enjoyable - Oksana Mazourik. Recognizing the limited choices that women have, she created a product range that gave them back some options and independence when faced with modern challenges. These inventions include the SANKOM Patent Bra and the SANKOM Patent Compression Socks.


1. Prevents the Straps from Digging in

Women often deal with the recurring problem of bra straps digging into their shoulders. This brings about centralization of the breasts rather than comfortable, even distribution. When the straps start digging in, chances are that the bands have stretched beyond their appropriate size. In this situation, the traditional thing to do is to buy a bra with more narrow straps. However, there is an invention that solves this issue without going through this additional cost. Since the introduction of the modern brassiere, no product has come close to the impact of the SANKOM Patent Bra which is a new item in the female lingerie industry. It is made from two independent structures that support the breasts individually and is free the problems associated with the regular brassier.

2. All-Weather Bra

The SANKOM Patent Bra is ideal for just about any weather condition. This is a significant improvement on the traditional brassiere that can become uncomfortable with the slightest of changes in temperature. The product comes in a large variety of materials, shapes, and sizes to suit the diverse needs of the 21st-century consumer.

For example, the Cooling material is ideal for hot weather and also for women in menopause. Women with extra sensitive skin can go for the Aloe Vera material, and the Bamboo material provides a hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial effect to consumers.

3. Enjoy your gym sessions

Every woman understands how uncomfortable it is to workout with an everyday brassier. For women that hit the gym regularly, this is another reason why you should get your hands on the SANKOM Patent Bra. It offers great support during workouts and also passes the same levels of comfort while running and stretching. The bra takes advantage of the patented design to offer comfort, keep the breasts in place, and support a heavy and regular athletic movement.

4. Improved Posture

Can you really stand upright when your bra tugs at your back and hurts? Wearing uncomfortable bras could affect your basic posture in the long-term and this is why you should embrace the SANKOM Patent Bra. The patent design of the bra helps you straighten your shoulders, maintaining a better and healthy posture. The design provides a lift and push-effect that balances with the weight of the breasts. Additionally, you will get a better torso alignment that helps you to work out comfortably.


1. Compression Socks for Blood Stagnation

Without sufficient flow of blood in the body, health issues are going to develop and lifespan could be cut short as a consequence. For women, in particular, blood stagnation is a life-threatening issue and can be fought with compression socks. There are many of them on the market, but SANKOM Patent Compression Socks are the best you can find with their proprietary compression mechanisms. This revolutionary invention is the brainchild of Dr. Serge Mazourik and his daughter, Oksana Mazourik. Through the use of an exclusive utility patented technology, the compression socks help in the prevention of blood stagnation.

2. Ankle and Arch Support

Pain around the ankles and arches after a long day of work is pretty normal and a little rest should get you back up to speed. However, this does not have to be the case. You do not have to wait until the end of the day to rejuvenate. The socks can battle fatigue as you move about your daily activities. You will be amazed at the fact that your feet are no longer fatigued after a long days work. Many people just accept the stress that their feet are under with leather shoes and high heels.

The ankles and arches need support and we recommend the SANKOM Patent Compression Socks. It features an integrated smart compression component which has a built-in multi-level mechanism. The mechanism activates when the socks are gently tugged upwards and they help with varicose veins and provide adequate support for the ankle and the arch as well as alleviating pain around your feet in general.

3. Healthy Blood Circulation

The SANKOM Patent Compression Socks are a good way of enhancing blood circulation. They are known for being the first compression socks to integrate the best features in medicine and science in order to provide the most support and comfort to users. In addition to providing comfort, it helps in blood circulation which is one of its most prominent features.

Enhance your Living

Taking the right steps to achieve a sustainable improvement in one’s lifestyle can be a herculean task if the right tools are not available. The products from SANKOM – the SANKOM Patent Compression Socks and the SANKOM Patent Bra - offer women the best support for their breasts and feet.

With SANKOM products in your wardrobe, your personal and professional life will be given an immediate lift. You will notice the difference immediately as you breathe differently, have improved posture, walk more confidently, and enjoy more comfortable movements in general. Comfort should be a feature, not a luxury, of life for women in the 21st century.

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