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Swiss TV Hosts "reinvented" the Bra as we know it!

Oksana Mazourik - Swiss TV Host reinvents the Bra!

Thomas Edison once said that, “the most certain way to succeed is to try one more time”. It was only after trying her new bra invention on over 2000 women and doing over 5 years of research and development on it that the SANKOM Bra was born. TV host and product inventor, Oksana Mazourik, share her story of what inspired her to reinvent the “modern bra” as we know it. Oksana shares how, “millions of women are affected by poor posture and bras are a major contributing factor”. Oksana explains how, “our lifestyles have drastically changed over the last century, however, the bras that most women are wearing are created on the basis of a design developed over 100 years ago – a design that does not take into consideration the sedentary and fast-paced lifestyle that affects most women today”. And, that’s why it was time that Bras got reinvented! Oksana approached the reinvention of the bra from a different angle. She wanted to create a bra that is anatomically designed and one that helps you have better posture – without having to constantly think about keeping your shoulders upright. Oksana’s Bra invention (also known as the SANKOM Bra) is the first bra in the world that uses the natural weight of your breasts to bring your straighten your back and give you a wirefree lift/push-up at the same time. This unique bra invention is composed of 2 independent structures – that give women the freedom of movement and comfort! Read the full article on the link below, where Oksana also shares how TV hosting has given her the opportunity to bring more awareness to this issue.

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