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Oksana Mazourik presents New Coming-up Film at Locarno Festival

Whether it is film, production or TV hosting; Oksana has always been fond of all forms of media communication. Oksana’s new Documentary film production aims to combine both education and comedy together. Locarno Film Festival is one of the oldest film festivals and screens a wide variety of films (short-form, feature and documentaries) – making it the perfect place to share the news of the upcoming release. In an interview Oksana explains how, “the best way to learn is through laughing, because that’s when our minds are most receptive to new ideas. In today’s world we live in a society where we are bombarded with information and focus is increasingly difficult to maintain. This documentary is a first in its series of educational documentaries with comedic elements to stimulate learning by providing factual information and entertaining content.”

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