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The First in the World Compression Socks that both Prevent and Fight Blood Stagnation

The SANKOM Patent Compression Socks are completely revolutionary because they are the first set of compression socks that both fight and prevent the cause of blood stagnation. This is accomplished through an exclusive utility patented technology invented by Oksana Mazourik and her father, Dr. Serge Mazourik. The SANKOM socks have an integrated smart compression mechanism which has a multi-level mechanism that is activated when the socks are gently tugged upwards. Moreover, not only do these socks fight/prevent blood stagnation, improve circulation, help with varicose veins but they also provide an ankle-and arch-support. The SANKOM Socks are the first socks in history to combine the best in sports medicine science with superior comfort and support while also promoting the benefits of a healthy blood circulation. To learn more or get a pair for yourself to tryout today visit

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