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SANKOM Switzerland


Oksana is an inventor, designer and entrepreneur. Oksana is the CEO and Creative Director for SANKOM(, a multinational Swiss company specializing in health, fitness and patent shapewear. Oksana’s professional background includes new brand and product development, establishment of retail and distribution channels, opening/set-up of flagship stores worldwide and bringing products on TV sales. Oksana also holds a number of international and inventions that are successfully sold and marketed worldwide.


Oksana is the co-inventor for the famous SANKOM Patent Shapers (N°1399.5811) which help reduce back pain, improve fitness performance and give a stunning hourglass silhouette. This unique patent fully corresponds to the anatomical structure of the body and has an innovative patented construction which helps restore a correct posture.


As Creative Director at SANKOM, Oksana’s main focus has been to synchronize and incorporate the unique patent technology to be easily accessible in our everyday lives. The original Patented Posture

Oksana Mazourik, CEO and Creative Director, SANKOM Switzerland

Correctional Support was in the form of shapewear to be worn under your garments, now the product line has been extended to incorporate the patented design into fitness wear, yoga wear and hosiery. The SANKOM Functional wear products give maximum comfort in freedom of movement and create a remarkable difference in the lives of people who suffer from back pain, incorrect posture and overweight.

The newest patent invention by Oksana is the SANKOM Patent Bra (N°92.65288-B2) which is a revolutionary product designed to correct posture, reduce back pain and give a great push up effect. It is the first bra since Christine’s Hardt invention of first modern brasserie, 127 years ago, that provides a truly ergonomically innovative solution for breast support and reducing back pain. This patent was developed together by Oksana and her father, Dr. Serge Mazourik, so you get a unique combination of a doctors input and a practical feminine touch.


To Oksana new product development is much more than coming up with a product for retail, it is a passion she loves doing. “Starting with an idea or a concept and turning it into reality is an exciting journey; especially when the final product gives people both happiness and better health. And, to see it sell in millions of units worldwide makes the experience even more so rewarding.”


Oksana was interviewed on ABC, FOX and NBC for the presentation of the newest patent launch of the SANKOM Bra. Oksana has also made guest appearances on a number of shopping channels worldwide.


Oksana’s educational background is a Bachelor in Finance and Media and a MBA with a focus on luxury retailing. Oksana is also a certified RYT200 yoga teacher.

Explore the SANKOM Patented Shapewear Products

SANKOM Patented Bra

This is the first bra in the world which uses the weight of the breasts to straighten your back and improve your posture.

SANKOM Patented Briefs

These briefs are trully exceptional as they not only give you a better shape but also support your lower back.

SANKOM Patented Vest with Bra incorporated

This one-of-a-kind vest can gives back support, shapes and creates a stunning push-up effect.

These yoga pants do it all; they support your lower back, they shape, and are so comfortable you will forget you are wearing them!

SANKOM Yoga Pants

It lifts, it supports, it gives a push-up and it gives you a better posture. Its a miracle bra and a total must-have in your fitness workout clothes.

SANKOM Workout Bra

What makes the SANKOM Products so Unique?

To see the Full SANKOM Collection visit :

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