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In 2012, Oksana launched the Ana Azur Collection, which is a women’s fashion brand specializing in crystal embellished designs that are strategically positioned to embrace the feminine figure.  To ensure highest quality, each crystal is fixed individually using a 4-thread fixation on each side.


Ana Azur fabrics are form-fitting and practical for both evening and day wear. Each design is embellished with a beautiful crystal décor, whether it is a glamourous collier, sensational armbands or an elegant waist belt. The unique placement of the crystals gives a beautiful and radiant shine, both, accentuates the feminine figure and gives a more youthful glow.


The Ana Azur Collections includes day, cocktail and evening dresses, swimwear and jackets. Each collection is a limited edition with only 1-10 pieces per style, thereby, keeping each design exclusive and one of a kind – just like the women who wear them.


With the establishment of Ana Azur, Oksana Mazourik, its founder and creative designer, wanted to create more than just glamourous fashion but a brand that also gives back and support initiatives who help those in need (in particular organizations working with children and charities providing help for animals). At Ana Azur, our aim is to donate up to 50% of the profits towards these initiatives that are creating a positive difference in lives of children and animals worldwide – its fashion for a good cause.

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