September 5, 2019

Oksana Mazourik launches an Organic Cotton Bra with the SANKOM Patented technology on the UK Shopping Channel TJC. Organic Cotton has many benefits; it’s great for your skin and good for the environment. Unlike “regular” cotton, “organic” cotton does not use any insecticides or pesticides. This is very important because often insecticides and pesticides get trapped in the yarn and lead to skin irritations and rashes. Yet, only 1% of all cotton worldwide is manufactured organically. Being hypoallergenic is not the only thing that makes this bra so unique, this bra also uses the famous SANKOM Patented technology – which is guaranteed to give you better posture, a wirefree lift and comfort! Visit to learn more about the benefits of organic cotton and how you can get your organic cotton bra today!

March 8, 2019

Swiss Entrepreneur, Oksana Mazourik, how when innovation and every day products are combined it can lead to life changing inventions and new products.

July 6, 2018

Oksana receives the EMMA award together with her father Dr. Mazourik for the SANKOM Bra which was named the "Best Consumer Oriented Product" by the leading body of the Electronic and Home Shopping Association. The SANKOM Bra is a revolutionary product which improves posture while simultaneously creating a push-up effect. Oksana is proud to have directed and produced the Best-Selling infomercial for the SANKOM Patent Bra which sold millions of units worldwide.

May 6, 2017

After years of research and developement Oksana and her father, Dr. Serge Mazourik, have invented pantyhose so revolutionary that you will want to wear dresses and skirts all year around! The SANKOM pantyhose have an intergrated backsupport, a shaper and it's made from an anti-rip material. 

August 6, 2016

The SANKOM Patent Compression Socks are completely revolutionary because they are the first set of compression socks that both fight and prevent the cause of blood stagnation. This is accomplished through an exclusive utility patented technology invented by Oksana Mazourik and her father, Dr. Serge Mazourik. The SANKOM socks have an integrated smart compression mechanism which has a multi-level mechanism that is activated when the socks are gently tugged upwards. Moreover, not only do these socks fight/prevent blood stagnation, improve circulation, help with varicose veins but they also provide an ankle-and arch-support. The SANKOM Socks are the first socks in history to combine the best in sports medicine science with superior comfort and support while also promoting the benefits of a healthy blood circulation. To learn more or get a pair for yourself to tryout today visit

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