April 22, 2019

It was time that Bras were reinvented! Why? For starters 80% of women wear wrong fitting bras. Regular bras either dig in all the wrong places, don’t give support or have uncomfortable underwires - BUT that’s not even the biggest problem with regular bras, most bras contribute to poor posture! And poor posture is not just an aesthetic problem - it’s a serious health concern because it has been linked to headaches, neck pain, migraines and much more!

SANKOM CEO and Co-founder, Oksana Mazourik made it her mission to create a bra that no longer requires for us to choose between health and beauty! Together with her father, whose a Medical Doctor, Oksana spent the last 5 years studying the ergonomic structure of the female anatomy to create a bra that not only gives you better posture, but also moves with your body AND one that still gives you great cleavage!

Over 2000+ women of all sizes from sizes of XS- XXXL tried the all the SANKOM Bra prototypes and with their help the S...

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